Monday, January 30, 2017

10 Reasons Why Divorce Is Better Than Staying in a Bad Marriage

Marriage should demonstrate and remind us of why you fell in love. However, as many of us can attest it’s not always a happy ever after. Divorce may be the best option for various reasons; here are 10.

1) Infidelity. This leads to insecurity, trust issues and resentment and relays lack of commitment. It may appear in various ways such as having sexual relationships or flirting and other physical contact with someone other than your spouse. Infidelity also opens the door to health-related issues such as sexual transmitted diseases, HIV and AIDS.

2) Lack of Trust. Trust is one key to building a great relationship but the lack of trust will do the complete opposite. A partner who cannot be trusted leaves their mate with many unanswered questions wondering what to do. Also places that mate in a position to question even the smallest matters or circumstances concerning the relationship, as well as the stir up of arguments and fights. The continuance of such behavior then creates barriers and unresolved issues.

3) Physically Abuse. This  is unacceptable no matter what  it stems from, and also does its share of damage on  marriages. A person involved in any form of abuse leaves the door open for more and more abuse to occur.  It is life threatening and can lead to a homicide or suicide of the abuse victim or both. 

4) Emotional Abuse. This  affects the well-being of  many individuals, preying on their mental health, even more on those with lower self-esteem. A spouse should be that go-to person for communication, love and affection. The one that builds you up and gives you the confidence and support you need to face any situation.

5) Drug Abuse. This is a killer in marriages that should never go unnoticed or untreated; some couples have lost their friends, jobs and identity. The harmful substances found in many drugs can lead to addictions and abnormal behavior such as hallucinations and paranoia, to name a few. Effects and severity can be long term and in contrast the best hope is in separation by divorce.

6) Gambling. This has done its share in shattering homes, some couples have lost their homes. In other cases, many individuals are forced to move back home with parents or other family members and have caused their family to endure hardship in many ways.

7) Financial Hardship. This is something many of us have face in one way or another. Couples in this dilemma endure the stress of maintaining a home, a car, supporting the family or even providing food. This can be from having low-income or being laid off from work, as well as entering a marriage with one party or both having debt and bad credit.

8) Abandonment. This is not  waiting for a military spouse back from war. Abandonment  involves leaving all responsibilities on the other person.  It may cause much emotional stress and depression on the partner behind pondering all the things that could lead to it, while still not sure if the person is dead or alive. Some partners have spent years holding on to a thought of the other person returning only to become more and more stagnant in life by not letting go and moving forward. In the event, choosing to get a divorce, would grant a way of starting over.

9) Imprisonment. Living without a spouse can be hard at times, it takes away the companionship you enjoyed as a couple. While some have gone through the process and were able to pick up where they left off, many have found it difficult to get past that chapter of their marriage. In addition to the years being apart and changes that took place, they may have grown apart. Sometimes the only bright future for either couple is to divorce and move on.

10) Tragedy. Past or present, this can negatively affect a marriage with the memories that play out time and time again. At times, it is one party not willing to forgive the other or not being able to let go, or just dealing with the death of a child or loved one. In other cases, it may be tragedy from childhood that was not dealt with that creates challenges in the couple’s marriage that become more and more burdensome or hard to overcome.

Divorce is an option in many cases for couples that have had devastating dilemmas that took a toll on the marriage. Many of those individuals live with the aftermath and even the fear of even committing again. The terror many endure while in wedlock  is why divorce is better than staying in a bad marriage. For those who endured more tears than joy, more pain than bonding, divorce can bring them peace of mind after all.

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