Friday, October 9, 2015

Debt Collections - Are you frustrated? Afraid you may lose your business? Do you understand the law?

Companies across the country are getting hit with massive fines and judgments every day by violating critical federal collection law regulations and guidelines. Unintentional mistakes or not, the courts are bringing down the hammer on companies — and individuals — just like you.
Attend this fast-paced and informative introductory seminar that shows you exactly what violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and other laws that lead to costly fines and judgments.
With the help of an attorney experienced in the legal pitfalls of collections law, you’ll learn how to avoid the simplest legal mistakes and get concrete information on how to legally collect debt for commercial and small businesses.  We will also cover collections in sticky situations like bankruptcy and out-of-town debt.

Commercial Collection                                                                                                          Business debt collection is a unique process. From sole proprietorships to large corporations, no company is immune to past due accounts. Commercial debt collection is not an easy process. Our business collection strategy is different depending on the company type, management and structure.
The Law Firm of Figeroux & Associates is a well established law firm that will represent you with your delinquent accounts receivables using our in-depth understanding of the commercial debt collection process and a team of business collection specialists. Our collections experience and familiarity with the process of debt collections enable us to collect your debt faster.
Some businesses are responsive to delinquency notices from our firm. Others require an aggressive combination of phone calls and letters. Beyond that we have services that can provide commercial debt collections through legal strategies. We use personnel resources, the latest technology and proven effective methods to collect what you are owed. These are the keys to fast, effective collection of your accounts.

Small Business Collection
Managing accounts receivables (AR) is critical for maintaining the health of a company. When you start to see open invoices lingering unpaid for more than 30 days the company bottom line begins to suffer. You’re in business to make money, not to become the banker for another business. Slow pay or no pay, we’re here to help collect your accounts receivable.
Using our in-depth understanding of the debt collection process and a team of debt collection specialists we collect on slow paying open invoices and delinquent accounts receivables. In many cases our collection efforts support your internal billing processes so you can save the relationship with your customer. Our personal collections experience and familiarity with the process of collecting slow paying accounts receivables enables us to collect your debt faster.
We’ve got a combined debt volume that allows us to staff our office with the most aggressive and successful accounts receivable collection specialists available. Again, we use the personnel resources, the latest technology and the proven effective methods to outstanding invoices. These are the keys to fast, effective collection of AR accounts. Our results are the testament to our proven invoice collection methods.

Be Warned
It’s never been easier or more costly to make a critical mistake                                        
Doing your job as an A/R professional is hard enough without the threat of lawsuits hanging over your head. But make no mistake, debtors today have a WEALTH of information at their disposal about what you can and cannot do to collect a debt.
In a job where one wrong phrase in a collection letter or even your tone of voice over the phone can get you into hot water, you need to be confident and secure that everything you do is legally sound.

Get the essential facts for legally collecting accounts receivable
We’ve boiled down the confusing and complex world of federal collection law and through our representation.  You do not have to worry about costly mistakes. 
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  1. Great advice, most people get frustrated with credit issues, but it can cost a lot in the long run.