Friday, August 31, 2012

A Civil Rights Lawsuit: The Chance to Be Heard

The Law Offices of Figeroux & Associates represents men and women of every race and every station in life. Our Brooklyn-based lawyers have represented citizens of the New York City area in the full spectrum of civil rights and constitutional law litigation.  Black and Brown, are the target of the NYPD, in fact, status does matter either, as an attorney, they did not care, I was arrested on Martin Luther King’s birthday in 2010, by the NYPD 83pct, offered fifteen thousand dollars, for one day in prison, did not settle, will litigate.  This should be our strategy in NYC, litigate, and bankrupt NYC into Civil Rights obedience.

Black or Brown, Beware of New York City's NYPD“Normally, I don’t like to wear sunglasses when I talk to people,” said Harold Davis, in a pair of dark rims. “But I won’t let my enemy see my tears.” It was a hot, sunny Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn August 4, at the corner of Church Avenue and 38th Street. Here, Harold’s 23-year-old niece, Shantel, was fatally shot by Phillip Atkins, a New York City narcotics officer with a history of brutality.  Full story, click here.

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  1. It's great what Figeroux & Associates are doing for the minority community. Keep it up1

    Safiya S.

  2. Who really has the permanent solution for such injustices?