Saturday, December 12, 2015

Dr. Jill Stein on Gun Violence

“Gun violence is really the second cause of deaths for young people in this country after automobile accidents and we need to do what needs to be done here; this is not rocket
science…we need background checks so that people who do not need to have guns in their hands, do not get them. We need to take automatic and semi-automatic weapons off the shelves.
Automatic weapons are not for hunting; they are for killing people… communities have a right to make rules to create safety; communities have a right to deal with the dangers that they are facing, so while we support banning automatic weapons and background checks, that is a
national policy that is the mere minimum. We will allow communities to go beyond that and ban hand guns.
 There are other parts to this problem that needs to be addressed but we need to start
with the weapons to get it under control and the community ban on hand guns is a way to start.

Gun violence or any kind of violence does not exists in a vacuum; it exists because people are
desperate, because people are stressed, because poverty drives people to do desperate things, and
poverty drives conflict, which is why we have to make jobs a part of this, make good schools and
education a part of this, which is why we have to deal with homelessness, and when the political
establishments say that they do not have enough money they are saying that they do not have
enough money for you, and this is what a part of the “Green New Deal” will address; it
guarantees the right to a living wage job; it guarantees the right to affordable housing and the
right to healthcare and this is the basis for reducing gun violence in our communities. We can fix
this and we have the power to fix this. I just want to implore you to go to our website and sign up to make the change. It’s time to build a people’s movement to end
unemployment and poverty; avert climate catastrophe, build a sustainable, just economy and recognize the dignity and human rights of every person. The power to create this new world is not in our hopes, it’s not in our dreams-it’s in our hands.”

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